What Causes Water Pollution?

Water pollution is happening. It is in fact a big problem being faced by the world. Like air and land pollution, water pollution results when there is an overwhelming amount of waste from different sources of pollutants, which can no longer be accommodated by the natural ecosystem. Accordingly, when the wastes are not destroyed as fast as they are formed, they make itĀ unfavourableĀ to both humans and countless other organisms. Learn more about the causes water pollution.

The foremost cause of water pollution that has caused grave environmental and health problems are the pollutants that are coming from chemical and industrial processes. When factories and manufacturers discharge their chemical and livestock wastes into the rivers and streams, the water becomes poisonous, lethal, and toxic, and oxygen in the water becomes used, causing many marine organisms to die. Most of the waste is not environmental or eco-friendly. Moreover, power plants, refineries, paper mills and automobile factories all dispose waste into the rivers.

Pesticides are another cause of water pollution. Many farm pesticides have the ability to poison aquatic plants and animals. Animal compost or manure, chemical fertilizers, and phosphate detergent all defile water by providing excess nutrients and therefore polluting it. This pollution is recognized as eutrophication. This greatly amplifies the growth of algae in the water, thus decreasing the amount of oxygen, causing the death of various water organisms.

In spite of environmental conventions and regulations that are protecting the quality of bodies of water like streams, lakes, and wetlands, solid waste materials in the form of litter, garbage, and trash constantly end up in water. Water has been polluted by garbage, and both humans and many aquatic organisms are affected.

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