Water Pollution And Human Health Problems

Water pollution is a serious problem. At present, water pollution cannot be resolved by just a snap of our fingers. This takes time to be totally resolved and eliminated. That is why, it is a must that human beings should exert effort to educate themselves about the causes, preventions, and consequences related to water pollution. Humans must be aware of the different diseases that spread through water pollution.

Water pollution involves the contamination of surface waters and groundwater which may set off a series of diseases referred to as water pollution diseases. These could have severe health effects. While humans can still manage at some extent the water humans drink, the pollution of our water streams may have enduring effects by reducing the “clean” water reserves of the planet. Here are some of the illnesses that humans must be conscious of these effects of water pollution.

First is cholera. This type of condition is an infection of the small intestine that is due to the bacterium called Vibrio cholerae. The foremost symptoms are copious watery diarrhea and nausea. Spreading of such bacterium takes place primarily by drinking water or eating food that had been infected by the feces of an unhygienic person. The complexity of the diarrhea and nausea can direct to quick dehydration and electrolyte unevenness and worst death in some circumstances.

Another is typhoid fever which is passed on or transmitted by the eating or drinking of food or water that is contaminated with the feces of an infected person, which include the bacterium called Salmonella enterica, serovar Typhi.

Hepatitis A, that is in earlier times known as infectious hepatitis and epidemical virus, is an intense infectious disease of the liver that is caused by the hepatitis A virus. In addition, RNA virus generally spreads the fecal-oral course, is transmitted person-to-person by eating or drinking of contaminated food or water or through open contact with an infectious person.

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